Intentions are way better than resolutions.

Intentions are way better than resolutions.

Happy New Year - 2024 is here! 2023 felt like a 10 year year 😅 As we step into the fresh possibilities of 2024, we're excited to embark on a journey together, one that's centered around the profound concept of setting intentions rather than traditional resolutions.

In a world that often prioritizes quick fixes and rigid goals, we believe in the transformative power of mindful intentions. Resolutions can sometimes feel like a list of strict rules, setting us up for disappointment when life inevitably throws curveballs. Intentions, on the other hand, provide a flexible and compassionate framework for growth.

Here at Piú Mas, we encourage you to reflect on what truly matters to you and channel your energy towards meaningful intentions. Whether its personal development, fostering connections, or making a positive impact in the world, setting intentions allows for a more holistic and fulfilling approach to the year ahead. In case you need some extra inspo, we're sharing some ideas on this first Sunday of 2024.

More Intention: Piú Mas' Guiding Light for 2024

1. More Living

This year, let's prioritize mindfulness in our daily lives. Whether it's through meditation, conscious breathing, or simply being present in the moment, let's cultivate awareness and appreciate the beauty in the minutiae.

2. More Connections

In the age of digital connectivity, let's rekindle the importance of genuine relationships. Set intentions to foster meaningful connections, have more heart-to-heart conversations, and strengthen the bonds that truly matter. You can start by joining us Thursday for our very first intimate gathering of the year, More Harmony with Melanie Santos. RSVP here.

3. More Growth

Rather than setting strict resolutions, focus on intentions that nurture your personal growth. Whether it's acquiring a new skill, embracing a hobby, or learning from challenges, let 2024 be a year of continuous self-discovery.

4. More Impact

Consider how you can make a positive impact, both within your community and beyond. Set intentions to engage in acts of kindness, support local initiatives, and contribute to causes that resonate with your values.

5. More Balance

Prioritize your well-being by setting intentions that promote a healthy balance between work and life. Whether it's establishing regular self-care routines (hint, hint: Sleep Ritual is a great addition!), maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or taking breaks to recharge, let 2024 be the year of you.

Join Us on the Intentions Journey

As we embark on this year of intentional living, we invite you to share your intentions and inspirations with the Piú Mas community on IG and TikTok or even by sending us a note rvia email. Let's support each other on this journey and celebrate the collective power of positive intentions.

Here's to a year filled with purpose, growth, and meaningful connections. May your intentions guide you towards a fulfilling and joyous 2024 ✨

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